What Is Lipobind?

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Lipobind is a type of weight loss pill called a fat binder. Fat Binders work by reducing the amount of fat absorbed from food that you eat, so you are able to – in theory – reduce your calorie intake without having to but reduce the amount that you eat.

Launched in 2006 Lipobind has become the biggest selling find binder on the market in the UK. It lowers the fat absorption from the food you consume by 27%. and unlike other similar weight loss aides on the market such as Alli, you are much less likely to experience unpleasat side effects.

27% less fat

With these supplements it is possible to get slimmer but still take pleasure in the food items that you like, taking a supplement with food is a lot easier than cutting 27% the fat from it. Pair these supplements with a healthier diet and exercise however and you have a very effective method of losing weight. Plus there is even more great news: the active component in Lipobind swells in your stomach which helps you feel satisfied for longer, effectively controlling your cravings Рa idea stolen from its sister weight loss product APPEsat (a natural appetite suppressant).

Now Lipobind is better than ever, unlike any other fat binder on the market, the new packets feature vitamins A, D & E and uses Circadian technology to release Litramine, adding these effectively eradicates any possibility of vitamins being lost during the fat binding process.

The science

The active ingredient in Lipobind is Litramine, a drug free fiber complex produced from dehydrated plant extract and is a trademarked, tested fat binder. When taken with a meal the Litramine fiber complexes bind with the fats in your digestive system this results in a fat-fiber complex that’s too big to pass through the cellular wall of the small intestine and thus is not absorbed by the body. The fat-fiber complexes pass naturally with the unabsorbed fat through the body. Additionally when these fiber complexes absorbs the fat in your stomach they expand to form a gel, this makes you feel fuller so you tend to consume less food.


How to use Lipobind

Lipobind now can be purchased in 2 variations: tablet or sachet, after eating and enjoying a fatty meal you can either take 1-2 pills along with water or a single sachet. Just one sachet equals two supplements and is compact enough to slip within your handbag or pocket. The advantage of the sachets is that they can be taken without water so they are great for eating out.

Fat binders such as Lipobind solely cut the intake of fat, if you get most of your caloric intake from carbohydrate food like bread, rice and potatoes then these supplement are going to make only a little difference (you may find the carbohydrate blocker DEcarb more useful in this case). However, if you tend to eat foods which are high in fat, Lipobind is an extremely powerful technique to lose unwanted body weight – especially when used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet as well as lots of physical exercise.

Some other benefits

You know how doctors are always telling you to reduce fat in your diet to lower cholesterol levels which in turn lowers your likelihood of having cardiovascular disease and having a stroke or heart attack together with many other health problems, well using Lipobind is just like eating less fat. By blocking over a quarter of consumed fat being absorbed by the body you will be helping to lower your blood cholesterol levels.

Who should not take Lipobind?

You should not use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Individuals less than 18 years old shouldn’t use it unless under medical direction. If you have a body mass index of less than 18.5 it is strongly recommended you do not use it also.

Any uncomfortable side effects?

There aren’t any pharmacological actions or harmful negative effects on the body. Lipobind is completly organic – made from compleatly natural ingredient. The active ingredient (Litramine) comes from a cactus, it doesn’t have any artificial colouring, allergens, flavorings, preservatives or gluten.